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Before 1985 

State-owned enterprise, mainly engaged in the extraction of magnesite.

1985 Oct.  –1990 May 

Began the business of calcining and processing of magnesite.

1990  Jun. 

Change of legal form to private enterprise.

1999  Jun. 

Change of legal form to private joint-stock enterprise. Started the production and sales of magnesium chemical products.

2000  Jun. - 2005 

Change of legal form to joint-stock group, and quickening the development of operation in magnesium chemical industry.


Drafting China National Standard of Magnesium Sulfate for agriculture.
May.  Holding the First International Magnesium Fertilizer Seminar.
Dec.  Foundation of Magnesium Chemical Industry Institute.

2010   Apr. 

Attained the national patent for production technology.

2012  Jul.   

The construction of Yingkou Magnesite Technology Holdings Co., Ltd – the subsidiary factory of Yingkou Magnesite Chemical Ind Group Co., Ltd  - further expanded the investment in magnesium chemical industry.

2013 Mar. 

Attained the national patent for production technology.

2014  Oct. 

“Magnesium Sulphate for Agriculture” was listed as the industrialization demonstration project by China's Ministry of Science & Technology.

2015   Jun.

Obtained a new type of proprietary technology.

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