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‘Good Product from Good Material’   

‘Top Quality Raw Materials, and World Class Products’


We emphasize on the production principles of ‘Good Product from Good Material’, ‘Top Quality Raw Materials, and World Class Products’. We resolutely do not use any potentially harmful materials in our production system.


Waste sulphuric acid usually contains a large percentage of organic pollutants or heavy metals. It will directly cause the non-point source pollution, and even burn out crops, all which will cause direct threat to human health once this kind of products applied into the soil.

Raw materials for production use are all non-renewable pure sulfuric acid which is characterized with high-concentration and low heavy metals, together with high quality Magnesium Oxide.Magnesium Sulphate products are conducted on a large scale production with owned intellectual property. The production process strictly implement ISO14001, we attach importance to strengthening energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental protection,and we emphasis on sustainable development.

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